I 'am Amiramiwmiw” Villa Alma’ani. I live in a world of Music, Art, and Fashion. I emerged and have been separated from my mother’s body. On the 6Th of May 1991. On a twilight, where the sun sets to slumber. My dad is an Arab man; my mom is a Filipino with Spanish blood. Their faces filled with delight, pleasing to the eyes and mind. Very enchanting, but suddenly they lost me on a glimpse. I was lost on that very moment; I was gone on the spectacle of their bliss they lost their felicity. I was kidnapped by Androids, they captured me, to rise up in flight. To gain "possession" on something, to rule an outside power, an outside territory. A world that I never thought I would belong, this is my Era. And now, I’m a humanoid. I lived in another Galaxy, surrounded by Extraterrestrials, strangers, immigrants, refugees, Aliens! There I used to live with Monsters, I’ m not scared of them, they don’t horrify me; they’re my Allies. I used to rule my sovereignty my realm conceived by my imaginations. My kingdom is guarded by Centaurs, holding their magical spheres. There I lived with my fellow androids, and my monster allies. I have my pet dragon named Fire; he has been my best friend since I came to being a humanoid. I never thought a humanoid and a creature can go together,how could androids live with monsters? It’s destined to be, here on my phantasm. Chimera was fire’s friend he used to visit during gatherings. But Ogre’s does not like him at all. They said he’s trying to take fire away from me, but I know fire is holding on his fidelity. Another close Friend of mine was Frankenstein, he’s a freak he’s gigantic but very feminine. Frankenstein has been teaching me social graces for years now and he have failed me several times, maybe because I've been acting like a boy. well anyways, thanks for being with me on my Phantasm.

That’s it for now. - AmiratheBigwig*

Beware: I'm Venomous
I might bit you like a Snake
Or Sting you like an African Killer Bee.

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