Fashion Freedom

 I always loved fashion, I grew up with it. My mom loves fashion so much when she was my age, she even kept her old clothes up to now.

I'm just so into it, I even create my own designs, buy my own fabric and have it tailored.I also customize my own clothes, add studs, beads, bows, or tatter my own jeans. I have a wide variety of clothes, shoes and accessories, I'm not a fan of expensive clothing, most of my expensive clothes are gifts from my relatives, my mom, and close family friends.

I like buying thrift clothes, I avoid buying clothes at department stores, clothes on dept. stores are sold in pairs, which you know, worried that I might bump into someone who is wearing the same dress as I do.I have my own style, I love to express my self, my personality, who I really am. I love to put edge on what I'm wearing, because this is me, I don't want to pretend. Style is just somewhat doing it yourself, being creative you don't really have to follow a certain trend. We all can wear whatever we wanna wear. right?

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