Good Sleep

Been feeling nocturnal lately, the insomnia is killing me & my time. Got loads of things to do. Mom bought me a herbal pillow just today, its good for insomnia & sinusitis(my another problem), hope it really helps. I really need a good sleep tonight & finish all my tasks tomorrow.
Anyways, I've been really inspired by Wild fox Couture's Spring Collection, here are some photos I would love to share. :)

The Make-up is gorgeous, the eyes are Mod, twiggy like. Oh I have the same hairstyle as the model. haha! ♥ it!

trousers, is my fave piece this season, bought one just last week. :")

This floor length dress is very chic!

a simple tutu skirt paired with sequined shirts

The floral tights & the high waisted carrot shorts is an eye catching piece ;)

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